About Moxie Matey LLC

Moxie Matey LLC, founded in March 2015, creates and publishes fun, innovative and educational mobile apps for kids and families. Moxie Matey's mission is to produce digital books and applications that are fun, friendly and familiar for young children, educators and parents. Our apps focus on classic nursery rhymes, stories and music, but we are working to add a fresh spin on our products with the hope they will be equally entertaining to kids, teachers, parents and grandparents alike.  

REady to try us out?

Please visit us on the App Store to see our full portfolio.

Beyond our goal to be friendly and familiar for children, we hope to earn the trust of and provide peace of mind to all users of our products, especially parents. Moxie Matey does not collect any personally identifiable information; we do not have any third-party advertisements in our apps; and, there are no links in our apps that might direct a user to a third-party application or website.

Moxie Matey is your child's peppy mobile companion bringing education and whimsy focused on the classics. Try us out and we think you'll agree! Please visit us on the App Store soon.

moxie - noun | mox·ie | \ˈmäk-sē\
: 1) the ability to be active, energy, pep; 2) courage or determination; 3) know-how
matey - adjective | mat·ey | \ˈmā-tē\, \ˈmādē\
: 1) companionable; 2) familiar and friendly, sociable