ABC Puzzles for Kids is designed to be an easy, fun and educational experience for toddlers and young children but anyone can join in the fun. 

This app does not collect personally identifiable information. 
This app does not generate any performance reports. 
There are no In-App Purchases within this app. 
There is no social media integration within this app. 
There are no links that will lead the user outside of this app. 
There are no advertisements within this app. 
There is no third party code within this app.


ABC Puzzles For Kids is a simple, enjoyable and ad free way for your toddler or young child to learn basic cognitive and hand-eye coordination skills, all while reviewing his or her ABCs.
The application is very easy to use; here are some tips and features:
• from the home screen, press the green “play” button 
• once the scene changes to the first puzzle, simply touch, drag and drop each puzzle piece to the outline
• tap on the letter on each page in the upper left-hand corner to hear a hint, e.g. "B is for boy!”
​​• puzzle animation, a congratulatory message and letter review upon completion of the puzzle
• navigate from puzzle to puzzle, forward and backward
• navigate back to the home screen from A and Z puzzle pages

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