ABC Flash Cards with newly added Memory Match activity is a fun way for your toddler or young child to review his or her ABCs with engaging pictures and audio!  No distracting ads to ruin the fun. 
In this app, you can:
• review the entire alphabet on the home page - touch a letter to hear it pronounced by a friendly voice
• press ABC Flash Cards “play” button to continue to the flash cards; or
• press NEW Memory Match “play” button to continue to the memory match activity
• in flash card game, tap anywhere on a letter card to hear the letter and picture spoken by a friendly voice, e.g. “B is for boy!”
• play up to 4 levels of Memory Match, turning different ABC flashcard “tiles”; clear the board and move to the next level!
• play up to 5 additional levels (9 levels total) by in-app purchase


ABC Flash Cards for Kids is designed to be an easy, fun and educational experience for toddlers and young children but anyone can join in the fun!

There IS an In-App Purchases within this app.*

This app does not collect personally identifiable information. 
This app does not generate any performance reports. 
There is no social media integration within this app. 
There are no links that will lead the user outside of this app. 
There are no advertisements within this app. 
There is no third party code within this app.

*play up to 5 additional levels (9 levels total) by in-app purchase; you may purchase the additional levels at either the completion of Level 4, or at anytime during the Memory Match game by pressing the Level Select button at upper left

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